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How Leading Software Companies With Payment Monetization Strategies Are Generating Millions of Dollars In Additional Free Cash Flow 
The answer is surprising. And you'll be blown away by how simple the solution is.
Our White Paper, Payment Facilitation Made Simple 
Will Help You Understand...
how Monetizing Payments can be really simple
Software companies are enabling payments within their software application quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. 
why becoming a payment facilitator doesn't pay
The process of becoming a Payment Facilitator (PayFac) is arduous, cumbersome, time consuming and costly. But it doesn't have to be. We show you how and give you the tools to facilitate payments inside of your software applications.
how to leverage payment facilitation technology to make tons of money
It's likely that you're letting revenue slip through the cracks without even realizing it. Stop the madness! We'll show you how to turn payments from a cost center to a money machine!
Realize Revenue In Less Than 60 Days!
"We found exactly what we needed to derive substantial revenue from the payments our customers collect every day. By leveraging Usio's technology, PayFac-in-a-Box, we will put an additional $3 million in revenue to our bottom line this year. I'm excited, our team is motivated and our enterprise value has increased because of Usio and their technology. I can't say "thank you" enough to their team of payment professionals."
-Trey W. 
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